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SmartRiverside Digital Inclusion Program 

SmartRiverside's Digital Inclusion program began in 2007 with the goal of bridging the Digital Divide.  In 2013 the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF), a New York think tank that evaluates hundreds of communities worldwide each year established SmartRiverside's Digital Inclusion Center as their worldwide Center of Excellence and identified the SmartRiverside Digital Inclusion Center as a "Best Practice" for Digital Inclusion.  The program received the 2010 Association of California School Administrators Partners in Educational Excellence Award for the SmartRiverside/RUSD partnership in educating low income families and the 2015 Non-profit Award for Innovation.  Since its inception in 2006 the Digital Inclusion program has given out over 8,000 free PCs and its goal is to provide free refurbished PCs to 500 low-income families annually.

For the past 15 years, the Digital Inclusion Program offered through SmartRiverside has been a successful way to help at-risk youth, underserved families and young workers gain better access to technology.   The Digital Inclusion program provides free computers, training, career pathways, and other resources to individuals looking to expand their skills and knowledge of commonly used technology.  Over 8,000 families have received free computers and training.  Each iteration of the program has been rooted in the mission of SmartRiverside to help and empower residents and workers through technology and education.  

The Digital Inclusion Program is designed to bridge the digital divide in our local community by providing computers to low-income families, children and senior citizens, who otherwise could not afford one. The Program strives to increase workforce capabilities by investing in the educational development of the youth who have yet to enter the workforce, as well as providing valuable retraining and learning opportunities for citizens of every generation that seek to upgrade their employment qualifications. Providing access to the equipment and skills that give residents the ability to successfully compete in a quickly evolving, economic environment will help to ensure that Riverside has a workforce prepared to fill the jobs that the City is already beginning to attract. The ambitious goal of this program is to provide 3000 PC's per year to needy households in Riverside over the next five years. It is built on a platform of reinforcement from public and private sector collaboration including Dell Computer, Microsoft, Cisco, Salvation Army, United Way, Riverside area school districts and county government. Through the efforts of these volunteers SmartRiverside is able to provide free computers, training and internet access to families with a total household income of $45,000 per year or less and offer an array of discount options to assist moderate income families that do not qualify for a free computer under the financial guidelines. 

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