Digital Inclusion

Attention Riverside Residents!

Dial 311 to sign up for your free computer today!*

*To qualify, you must live in Riverside, make an annual family income of less than $45,000 and take a free eight hour computer training class in English or Spanish.                   

Providing Computers and Wireless Access: Free computers are provided to families with a total household income of $45,000 per year or less. Participants must first complete a free 8 hour training class, after which time they will receive their free computer.

The SmartRiverside Digital Inclusion Program is a program designed for bridging the Digital Divide in our local community. Low-income families do not have the available resources to take advantage of new technologies that can assist in improving their education, communication and overall quality of life.

This is accomplished through donations of computers, monitors and other electronic equipment by large local firms, educational institutions and the public. Systems that meet the minimum criteria are refurbished by the Digital Inclusion staff.

We wipe the hard drives and configure the systems with the Windows XP Professional operating system and the Microsoft Office Suite. Our staff is comprised of a full-time professional management team that employs at-risk youth through the Riverside Project Bridge program. The Project B.R.I.D.G.E. (Building Resources for the Intervention and Deterrence of Gang Engagement) is managed by the Parks, Recreation and Community Development department of the City of Riverside.   

A cooperative initiative of the Wireless Internet Institute, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and One Community, the Digital Inclusion Forum is a comprehensive resource center to inform, educate and share best practices among state and local government leaders, industry and institutional stakeholders on identifying and implementing sustainable market solutions to bridge the digital divide in North America.

For More Information

The Digital Inclusion Program and E-Waste Collection is located in the City of Riverside at 2801 Hulen Place, Riverside, CA 92507, between Chicago and Kansas off Massachusetts. Please contact us by phone at 311 or by email at

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Digital Inclusion Office
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